Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was really bummed. I got to Thanksgiving dinner ready to take a bazillion pictures, but literally 2 pictures into it my battery died. But I managed to get a few with my phone. I have a super old phone though, with a sucky camera but they will have to do!

 Our little family Thanksgiving 2011. Of course Hudson had to get his cute outfit dirty, but its ok Toy Story shirt was still way cute!
 My sister, Mom, and I
 My mom & dad
 Me and the hubs, stuffed
 My cute cousin Tayshia, with her boyfriend Jerry
 My Aunt Shantel, and uncle Dean with Hudson
 My fave cousin Ty
 Mmmmm stuffing!
love this face :D
 Just bein cheesy at the dinner table
 Hudson and grandma

My grandma in the purple, and uncle next to her!
The only one I didn't manage to get a picture of was my grandpa :/ who was in the other room with the Cowboys game on

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cousin fun and Childrens Museum (pic overload)

A few weeks ago we got to take Hudson and his cousin Ella on a little cousin date to the childrens museum. We had so much fun. They had so much for the kids to do. There was a grocery store, a farm, cars, a water thing to build sand castles and what not in, an area especially for 2 and under, they had a life flight helicopter, a theater area, tv news station area, and 'engineering' area and so so so much more! Everything is hands on too. When we first showed up it was packed, but about half way through our day it started to clear out as everyone went to lunch. Hudson had so much fun, anything with a steering wheel he was in heaven. Unfortunately though both kiddos came done with runny noses for a few days after wards. But, its expected when everything is hands on and there is hundreds of kids every day!

Sorry, some are super blurry, its hard when kids are fast and all over the place & my camera is only so so.
(warning, photo overload!)

 Its hard to see, but if you look in Hudsons mirror you can see him holding Ellas car seat. Its so cute. Anytime a friend is in the back seat with him he grabs on to them.
 Do you see that look of concentration and excitement on his face?

 When he realized it was water, he was hooked.

 Isn't she the cutest thing ever!
 He found this walker and went all over with it.

 He found another steering wheel!
 Ella is obsessed with Tanners remote control 'copter', so she loved this one!

She did whatever she had to to get the balls! haha
Toy Heaven.

And..some more cousin fun!
Hudson and Ella get to spend a couple days a week together and they love eachother.

The first two pictures are super blurry. But its so cute. Ella will go up to Hudson and say "hand hand hand!!" and grab his hand and walk him all over the house. She is still faster then him so we have to help, its hard to get them to sit still for a second to take the pictures!

 They also love to chase eachother up and down the hallway.

 Ella was pushing him, but refused to be in the picture.

 Of course..boxes are always more fun!
 Hudson gives the best kisses ever.....
 Here he is about the kiss Ella....
 And bam...kisses for the cousin! To adorable.

Look at my big boy! Standing while drinking his bottle...just to big! :(